Weekly Finds

November 5 Weekly Finds

I have acquired quite a list in the last few weeks and have some great finds!

1. The EdTech Bites Podcast, Episode 96

I saw a tweet a couple of weeks ago with a giveaway for the Eduprotocol Field Guide books that I have been wanting very much to read, but you had to listen to the podcast to get the details to enter. The host was interviewing the authors, Jon Corippo and Marlena Hebern, so I thought I would give it a shot! I really enjoyed this episode entitled “Marlena, Jon, EduProtocols, and Steak” and I’m even more motivated to get these books now (and no, I didn’t win the giveaway). But I did subscribe to the podcast and will be listening from now on!

2. @GoogleForEdu Student/Parent Tutorials

Candance Buchanan curated this list of tutorials for students and parents on many of the educational products used daily in classrooms. One sheet is dedicated to Google and another for other apps. This would be a great addition to any classroom LMS (Canvas, Google Classroom, etc).

There’s also a separate tutorial list for teachers! Go check them out!

3. Hands-On To-Do List

Nicole McCoy, an adaptive PE teacher created an easy To-Do list for students to know what tasks still need to be done and which are finished. This can easily be re-created in Google Docs with a table. In one column, leave a place for the task name that students can write in. Fill the next column with a red background and a X meaning not finished. On the next page, add another column with a green background and the words “I’m finished!”. Then print on both sides of paper. Cut the paper, so when finished, students can flip the paper to show the tasks are finished.

4. Infographic Templates in Google Slides

I love how Infographics are full of both visual and text information! But some of the templates I have for Google Slides aren’t the best, so I was very excited to see these! Here’s the direct link to the folder with the templates, but you can also read the great post from TCEA that directed me to them and includes other information about types of infographics.

5. Mapme

I keep myself pretty knowledegable about new tools, but I hadn’t heard of this one before! Mapme is an interactive mapmaking tool that allows users to add multimedia materials such as PDFs, 3D tours, photos, and videos, as well as, drawing tools for lines and shapes. Read more about it on the Educational Technology and Mobile Learning blog.

*I do have to note that while I am sharing this, because I think it’s a great tool, students will have to create an account and can use Google to do this. However, in my district, this tool will have to be approved before use, so you may need to check with your district too. Another option is to use Google MyMaps, not to be confused with Google Maps. From what I can tell, MyMaps has all of the same features as Mapme.

What’s your favorite weekly find this week? Leave a comment below!

You can see all Weekly Finds in this Wakelet collection.

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