Weekly Finds

February 25 Weekly Finds

1. VSTE + UnisonEDu EdTech Shorts

Check out this playlist of edtech tips – each tip is kept to under 4 minutes! Full disclosure: I belong to both organizations but did see another member post about this and it’s a great resource. Keep tuning in as more videos are on the way, including mine, which is still in production 🙂

2. Sentence Starters vs. Sentence Frames

I really enjoyed this blog post by Valentina Gonzalez and I think it helped me to understand the scaffolding strategies better. While Valentina focuses on ESL/ELL learners, these strategies are really great for any learner. I especially like sentence starters themselves as they can be a great way to help students think differently or even more critically.

3. Have a Content Smackdown with Mote!

I LOVE this idea! I am just starting to really dig into Mote, but the results are endless, just like this idea from Meredith Akers. It’s kind of like a combo with Flipgrid – and if you don’t have access to Mote, Flipgrid might be a good alternative.

What does Mote do? It’s a Google Chrome extension that allows you to add voice messages directly into Slides, Docs, and Forms. As Meredith was preparing for an upcoming PD Day, she had the idea to have educators in her building discuss content at high cognitive levels and came up with the template in this blog post.

4. Sharing Best Canvas Tips

Are you a Canvas user looking for tips on how to use this incredibly robust tool? Find some great ideas in this tweet!

I am especially interested to know more about the Canvas Basics Badge course that Erin Keefe shared.

5. Planning for Subs

Nick Rodriguez shared this great visual of how he sets up a schedule and activities for students while they have a substitute teacher for the day.

While this may be simplistic looking, I think it makes it look very clear cut for students and their substitute about what needs to be accomplished for the day! However I’ve also seen some of the teachers in my building use something similar to this within their Canvas courses on a regular basis on their agenda pages. It would certainly make a clear routine and expectation for students. You could also level this up by using it within a HyperDoc too.

What’s your favorite weekly find this week? Leave a comment below!

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